Two New Things

For Spring Break this year I went to visit my sister in Dallas, and among the number of fun things we did was watch the BBC’s 2004 adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, which abounds with smoldering glances from the misunderstood John Thornton, played by Richard Armitage.

I had already seen and admired Mr. Armitage on the BBC series “Spooks”, which they play here in the U.S. as “MI-5”.  In that series, like in North and South, he plays a tortured soul, haunted by memories of his past.  Someday, perhaps, I will understand what exactly it is that makes the tortured soul so attractive.

I’ve also recently discovered the novels of Georgette Heyer, and while my appreciation for these novels is somewhat more reserved than my appreciation for the smoldering glances of immensely good-looking tortured souls, I have certainly enjoyed becoming acquainted with them.  They are a delightful distraction from the day-to-day.

Imagine my joy upon discovering that Richard Armitage recently recorded three of Georgette Heyer’s novels for Naxos AudioBooks (The Convenient Marriage, Sylvester, and Venetia)!

It would also appear that these are available from Amazon.

I’m just saying…I do have a birthday.  In July.


2 thoughts on “Two New Things

  1. wenzer

    duly noted. i can hardly wait for the next road trip… i know T’s little heart will thrill and trill just as much as mine did when he finds out about the richard armitage/georgette heyer link. be still my trembling heart! Venetia! Sylvester! and i’ll put up with The Convenient Marriage!

    do come again soon…

  2. jaydubya

    Since I’m taking the time to go back and re-read and comment – I missed this the first time through – Think of the miles I could walk listening to Richard Armitage reading Sylvester! Is Venetia good? Think we could talk him into reading Fredericka?


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