March 2011: Six-Word Memoir

Smith Magazine started its six-word memoir project in 2006. Over the years, they’ve published several anthologies of these memoirs by “authors famous and obscure”.

Out shopping the other day I found a “One Line A Day Journal” which had one page for each day of the year, divided into five sections for five years. So, at a glance, you could see your “one line” for any single day for five years. I instantly thought of the six-word memoirs, and how fun it would be to write a six-word memoir for each day and compare them after five years.

However, judging by the number of hours I agonized over a six-word memoir I once entered in a contest, writing one a month seems a bit more realistic. So here we go, March 2011:

Waiting for sunshine. Praying for Japan.


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