Book Dedications

I love a good book dedication.

A good book dedication is almost like a poem.

The other day I was in a bookstore, browsing, when wandering through the children’s section I was arrested by the sight of the name Adam Gopnik.  I’m familiar with his name from the occasional reading of The New Yorker, and as such, it’s not a name I expect to find in the children’s section.

So I picked up the book, and while leafing through, I spied his dedication.

“For Olivia, citizen of every city she imagines

rose and lily of our lives



Dedication from The Steps Across the Water, by Adam Gopnik; published by Disney/Hyperion, November 2010.


2 thoughts on “Book Dedications

    1. slwenz20 Post author

      No, I didn’t…I was (mostly) buying birthday presents. Friends with upcoming birthdays who frequent my blog will have to try to forget they heard that… :)


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