A Recent Text-Message Conversation with my Sister

Or, a progress update on Middlemarch. (For the record, spelling and grammar from this text-message conversation have been corrected on both sides.)

Her: With great heaviness of heart, I just purchased Middlemarch.

Me: Woot! she said, with great enthusiasm.

Her: I’m already getting sleepy a paragraph in. That might be an upside…

Me: Haha! Texting me about paragraphic progress will help keep you awake.

Her: Haha! But I want to sleep!

<<the next day>>

Me: I made it through chapter one last night. I pat myself on the back.

Her: Haha! I’m halfway through chapter three!!! I win!!!!!!

Me: For now!!!!!!!!

I’m sure she’s still winning, though. I am through chapter four, bookmark sitting restfully at chapter five, and not feeling inspired to press on. Am I permitted to draw my conclusions after only four chapters?


2 thoughts on “A Recent Text-Message Conversation with my Sister

  1. naomig@the happy sanitarium

    It gets better!! I promise. I DID. NOT. BELIEVE. I would make it through until Dorothea’s honeymoon. At that point I was totally hooked and wanted to see how it would end. That being said, she still uses way too many words to get to her point. As I previously said, she makes Jane Austen appear succinct.

    It helps, I think, to remember that the title of the book is “Middlemarch” which means it’s about the whole friggen’ town, as opposed to being about just Dorothea, or just Doctor What’s-His-Name. When I realized that it helped me to have a big-picture view of the story, and sort of watch the overall town as I was reading, instead of focusing in on the characters I wanted to hear more about.


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