A Quote I Had to Share

I stumbled across an article on the internet today about a book called How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read by Pierre Bayard. It was a fascinating article, and it made me want to check out Mr. Bayard’s book at some point. The article used a few quotes that I just had to share:

For we are more than simple shelters for our inner libraries; we are the sum of these accumulated books. Little by little, these books have made us who we are, and they cannot be separated from us without causing us suffering…

The books we love offer a sketch of a whole universe that we secretly inhabit…

Happy reading, everyone.

Me, last summer.

Me, last summer.


2 thoughts on “A Quote I Had to Share

  1. jaydubya

    Love the picture! Is that in WW? Also thinking I should do a “Book Club” review of my January/February books! : -) Enjoyed them both.


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