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Happy birthday, blog.

Happy birthday, blog.  I’m sorry that I’m a little late in writing this.

Had I written birthday well-wishes on January 19, however, I would not have been able to share how I celebrated your birthday, that is, by the consumption of an entire package of whoopee pies over a three-day period (aka moon pies, aka maybe better than cupcakes) and a marathon viewing of Parks and Recreation (seasons two and three).

whoopee pie

whoopee pies!

You know how when you spend a lot of time with a character, whether in a book or a television show, you sometimes find yourself thinking the way the characters think?  Imbibing words and phrases and manners of speaking that the characters might use, the same humour?

Since I spent so much time with that show this weekend (there’s no shame in good television, even if I am a book lover and this blog is mostly about books), I have pretty much convinced myself that I’m pretty clever and also funny.  (Or do I mean pretty, clever, and also funny?  Commas are so important.)

Maybe these feelings of sparkly self-confidence are artificially inspired by:

  1. all 2,000 calories (literally only 1,920) of whoopee pie hitting me simultaneously.
  2. my deep infatuation with the character Ben on Parks and Recreation.
  3. extended periods of giggling resulting in not enough oxygen reaching my brain.
  4. All of the above are true.
  5. None of the above are true.

Regardless, it’s been quite a lot of fun for me to share some thoughts on this blog in the last year, and I want to thank everyone who has visited. It’s a joy for me to share with you, and hear from you.