Dramatic baseball is an oxymoron.

Whenever anyone describes a night of baseball as being one of “incredible drama”, I disbelieve them.

From the Guardian newspaper online

Author’s note: I readily accept that other people probably would agree with the “incredible drama” descriptor for a night of baseball, and I wish them happy playoffs.


4 thoughts on “Dramatic baseball is an oxymoron.

  1. naomig@the happy sanitarium

    I so totally agree. Baseball is SUCH a snooze-fest. I can’t believe how nuts people get about it. Should you ever be feeling bored, I suggest telling a rabid baseball fan that you think baseball is boring. HA! That always makes for a hilarious and sputtering rant of outrage.

  2. dad

    I too used to agree with you. And on TV, it is a great soporific. But actually going to a game, a pro game, is whole nuther thing. There is the whole “being at a baseball” game nostalia, taking in ballpark food and drink, sitting in the stands cheering/jeering along with the rest same as folks have been doing in America for over 150 years (1857). Great entertainment just to watch the people. Course, it does help if you are watching the Yankees and Angels, or any two pro teams, 8th row off 1st base. It is easy to see why it is America’s fav pastime. But not on TV. zzzzz

    1. slwenz20 Post author

      The key may be to watch pro teams which are actually doing well, as my sole live viewing experience (the Mariners ca. 2004) was not very entertaining…

      1. wenzer

        here in texas, the game is enhanced by crowd chants, clapping routines and Texas patriotic songs, such as “Deep in the Heart of Texas…” and yes, I enthusiastically sing, clap and chant with the best of ’em. It’s the main reason I go to the game, in fact.

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