What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Such has been the comparative silence on my blog that I can only imagine you all have been wondering what I’ve been reading (and/or doing, if not reading). This post aims to satisfy your no-doubt morbid curiosity.

I’ve been soldiering through Middlemarch. I’ve read 20 percent of the book, according to my Kindle, which feels like an incredible feat. I think I’m going to make it. But most likely not until Christmas, my new deadline.

I find you have to stagger Middlemarch with other things, however, and to that end I’ve started re-reading one of my favorite novels, Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson. Also, after discovering that there is a new movie version of the book Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy coming out in December, I decided I need to read the book before that happens.

My parents have an old miniseries/movie version of the story, but it’s one of those movies like The Day of the Jackal that puts me to sleep within fifteen minutes. I don’t know what it is — is it the lack of music? Long, silent, speechless stretches? The book, on the other hand, drew me in from the first line:

“The truth is, if old Major Dover hadn’t dropped dead at Taunton races Jim would never have come to Thursgood’s at all.”

I suppose it’s something about the voice that just grabbed me at the first. This month at book group they are discussing voice as a “doorway” to a novel. My book group has moved all the monthly meetings to Sundays, which don’t work for me at all (highly disappointing), so instead I hope to talk a bit about voice on the blog this month.

In other news, I’ve been traveling, and school (my final fall quarter!) started a week or two ago, and so life has felt a bit as though it was stuck in fast-forward, not entirely unlike this little photo.


1 thought on “What I’ve Been Up To Lately

  1. wenzer

    you are leaving me in the dust with middlemarch.

    RE starting sentence of the book, excellent first sentence! perhaps i’ll read that instead! i too wanted to read it before the movie came out, and after reading that sentence, i’m already more interested than i ever was in the old mini-series.


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